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Welcome to Malta

Affiliated to the association FIAFE aims reception and adaptation of individuals and families newly arrived in Malta. It also hosts the Francophiles and Francophones.
The Home is open to all, without distinction of any social, political or religious. This is a  non-profit association .
For two years, our work has gradually developed a network of French and Francophile who find themselves, help each other and share their experience on Malta. Soon we will have a new site more developed allowing us to provide more information online, more contacts and activities. Join our group, lead workshops in the areas where you excel! 
10 euros (single)
€ 15 (family)
Permanence is open to all, free. constantly Next : Thursday 15 of 14h30 to 18h at the French Alliance in Floriana
For this purpose we organize activities: Sign up now:
Coffee meeting once a month to meet and exchange. Upcoming RV Monday, December 3 at 10:30 am at Café Portomaso.
Computer Course : For a professional passionate Initiation Word, Excel Introduction, Learning Windows 7, Introduction to Windows 8 (at least not right away but it will come soon), Facebook, YouTube, The Cloud with Skydrive (very important ). Dates and times to be determined, participation: donation.
Photo: Under the tutelage of a talented photographer, technical training or walks to take photos, 1 time per month
During a conversation   (free) - a former English teacher and Marketing and Finance English Business Schools in Paris. 
 The purpose of this course is to help French-speaking expatriates who are already relatively advanced a little tweaking their use and understanding of English working ear with the use of songs, improve their vocabulary and pronunciation working and discussing texts on topics. The course is fun and relaxed ... a time of fun and learning at the same time. 
Course 2 hours once a week Pieta. To be effective, the number of participants is limited to 5 or 6 max.   
Wednesdays 10:30 ET Friday 16:30.
Club reading : Once a month, we meet at the library of the French Alliance in Floriana and discuss, exchange and offers his other lectures, favorites and discoveries. Join us many:  November 20 RV!
Salsa: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, you'll find something for everyone to Salsa evenings organized on the island. You can come alone or accompanied, no need eprévenir in advance and entry as well as the courses are free (except special events) The parties are divided into two parts: in the early evening, during beginner / intermediate level according group by a professional or an amateur motivated and motivating! Late evening: invite a partner and feel free to repeat what you have learned and learn from nouvelels passes with his help. 
Three evenings a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays all at Café BarCelona Baystreet St Julian's from 20:30. Every Sunday at Bj's St Julian's from 21h
Theatre workshops (in French) for adults and children / adolescents proposed by Celine, actress trained in Cours Florent - PARIS. awareness in the world of theater warm-up exercises, work on the voice, body, improvisation The text and stagecraft.
To overcome his shyness, unlock its expression, practice and maintain the French language in a fun way, develop their senses and consciousness, control gesture and speech or for the pleasure of beautiful texts say, that there is good reasons for doing theater.
Desired minimum of participants: 5 or 6 per workshop.
Participation: 5 euros / 45 euros or course / quarter.
The course should take place at the French Alliance in Floriana. The dates and times of workshops will be set according to demand. 1st meeting contact Mint in Sliema on Saturday 16 was 2:30 p.m.
Courses Introduction to Yoga (French) for adults and children by Celine. Discover the world of yoga with breathing exercises, postures, practice asanas, relaxation techniques and meditation to strengthen the body and calm the mental .
Participation: donation.
The course should take place at the French Alliance in Floriana. The dates and times of workshops will be set according to demand.
 Patchwork workshop. come together scraps of fabric for the pleasure of eyes! Beginners or confirmed the meeting to exchange ideas, tips, and other pipes. Also, needlework and points counted for all amateurs. Mellieha Free, dates and times to be determined.
Maltese for Foreigners courses . Taught by a qualified teacher Maltese, these bases during the oral comprehension and conversation will take place once a week during 1:30 in Floriana. Debut December 4 courses a 16h, 15 euros / pers.
Tarot evening. Once a month . specify date of the request.
Workshops for children. Atelier tales AllianceFrançaise the library or another location. Themed outings and fun. Dates to clarify the request.
Hiking. now that the season is more conducive find us on Sunday morning to walk and discover the landscapes of Malta.
French conversation for Francophiles from all countries . Once a month we spend two hours over coffee to discuss in French. Next RV
Diner Friendly, December 15, venue to be confirmed.
Conferences and Debates: An expert in the subject, just talking to you and opens the discussion. Date, place and upcoming topics.