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French Student Traineeship Program

Information for French students
The Maltese French Chamber of Commerce proposed a paid service to French students seeking an internship in Malta. For the past five years, the Chamber is constantly promoting the French traineeship system within the Maltese business community.
Our Service
  1. We search and confirm for you a traineeship in a company in Malta,
  2. We ensure communication between the company and the student prior to arrival
  3. We give you some tips for finding suitable accommodation in Malta
  4. We send you a preparation booklet with advice and information about Malta
  5. We welcome you upon arriving at the Malta International Airport and we accompany you to your accommodation
  6. When you arrive, you will receive a Welcome Package with a map of Malta, brochures with information about visits and cultural activities
  7. We give you a detailed map with directions as to how to get to work on your first day
Our Conditions:
  1. Work placements in Malta are not remunerated
  2. A typical working week in Malta is 40 Hours
  3. The Maltese French Chamber of Commerce does NOT offer any company lists of Maltese companies who take trainees.
  4. The student must have a valid European Health Insurance Card
Should you be interested in finding out more about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us
We also support colleges and schools seeking logistical support for their exchange projects with Malta, please contact us on:
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