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  Created : 14-11-2012 09:13:17 - Announcments
The University of Malta recognises the educational and personal benefit when students experience a period of study abroad and does its best to create as many opportunities for travel as possible. The University also provides regular full-time students financial support for this purpose.
The University of Malta participates in student exchange programmes with Universities in Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA. Through its membership of the Utrecht Network Exchange, the University of Malta also participates in student exchanges with the Mid-American Universities International (MAUI) and the Australian-European Network (AEN).  The University of Malta is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).  
The International & EU Office aims to promote such opportunities and coordinates exchange programmes for both incoming and outgoing students.  
The following links provide lists of Universities/Institutions with which the University of Malta participates in Student Exchange Programmes: