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Industry Updates

Malta as a World ICT and Media Destination
SmartCity Malta's Mission
Dedicated to the success of its business partners and the vision of Malta as a knowledge economy.Together we identify and deliver values and opportunities.
Power of knowledge
Heralded by SmartCity Malta, the island’s economy is being transformed into one powered by knowledge. Malta is now the region’s new destination for high-tech industries, with all the related benefits, such as jobs, that this status brings with it.
With the Government of Malta as a partner, local, regional and international companies can be assured of a long-term commitment to knowledge-based opportunities.
The €17 million Safi Aviation Park has been officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, marking an important milestone in the development of Malta’s aviation industry.
Driven by Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks, the project is set to give a further boost to the growing aviation industry, which in recent years has attracted numerous foreign investors and diversified into various niches to become one of the pillars of the economy.
Indeed, the aviation industry in Malta nowadays comprises a wide range of sectors such as the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Aircraft Registration and Operation including the relative legal and professional services, Aircraft Management and VIP Services, Private Charters, Air Taxis, Air Ambulances, Flight and other Training, as well as R&D on UAVs.
Additionally, the industry also uses the services provided by other industries such as call centres and specific software development for aviation.
The 200,000 square metre Safi Aviation Park is expected to provide the infrastructure to facilitate the creation of an aviation cluster, with a number of complementary services being provided from one location.
International companies Medavia and SR Technics already provide MRO services from hangars located within the perimeter of the Safi Aviation Park, with the former company also operating flight services.
These companies were already operational even while the Safi Aviation Park was under construction, as the project was strategically split in different phases to ensure that the most important facilities were provided as early as possible, while the external or peripheral elements were carried out at a later stage in the project.
A third tenant was also announced on the same day of the inauguration, namely Aviation Cosmetics. The company shall be investing around €22 million in a new facility to provide spray-painting and refurbishing services to airplanes.
The new facility will be spread over 12,000 square metres and will comprise two hangars that can simultaneously service one Boeing B737 and one Boeing 747 (or planes of similar size such as Airbus A380), or otherwise three Boeing B737 at a time.
 Its location will be in an area close to the new taxiway which has been built as part of the project to provide more direct access between the Malta International Airport and the Safi Aviation Park. The latter is an added benefit of the project even when compared to similar facilities abroad, as it can save time and money for clients when entering or exiting the service area.
 With the Safi Aviation Park, more areas have already been identified for future prospects, particularly for projects which can enhance even further the concept of an aviation cluster.
Malta's efforts to accelerate the development of the digital media cluster and the initiatives being taken to create an environment that helps in the growth of this industry were highlighted during the Digital Media in Malta 2 conference organised by Malta Enterprise.
More than 30 representatives of companies operating in the digital media and online industry took part in the conference, with around half of them being foreign companies looking to learn more about the business environment in Malta with a view to expanding their business in the country.
Malta's Special Envoy for the Digital Media Industry Chris Deering welcomed the participants to the conference and kicked off proceedings, which started with a series of presentations that outlined the advantages that Malta offers, the opportunities and the support available.
Malta Enterprise's representative Richard Byrne-Price gave an overview of the wide range of initiatives aimed at aiding the industry's growth and the support offered by Malta Enterprise targeted specifically towards the creative and online economy. National initiatives include the national video games competition, Gamezing, and the introduction of new courses at University.
TRC Family Entertainment CEO Paul Taylor said the company looked at various locations before opting to set up in Malta due to the support from the authorities, their speed of response, and the flexibility of the human resources, adding that the company has already employed around 100 workers since setting up a year ago.
Andrew Davies gave details of SmartCity Malta which is being developed to become the region's leading knowledge cluster, while iGaming Elite CEO Dean Nicholls spoke about the talent pool and the skills of the human resources available in Malta and how these can be transferred from one niche sector to the other.
The foreign companies took an active interest in the ensuing panel discussion, which was moderated by digital media consultant Dan Licari and which was addressed by Mr Taylor, Nick Porsche from Rocksolid Games and Graeme Coyle from iGaming Elite.
A wide variety of queries and issues were raised by the participants, ranging from the fiscal and financial assistance, training and education, the local talent base, operational issues, collaborations with educational institutions, as well as the lifestyle in Malta.
The conference was complemented by a structured networking session during which participants had the chance to meet potential partners and investors.
Digital Media in Malta 2 is the second international digital media event hosted by Malta Enterprise this year in its efforts to attract growing digital media companies and encourage the growth of the local digital media cluster since the launch of the Digital Strategy for Malta in April of this year.