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Created : 14-11-2012 09:17:13
2012 - Malta classified again as an Attractive Financial Services Jurisdiction   Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi    An increasing number of start-up financial firms are setting up in Malta. In a report issued in March of this year, Hedge Week has reported that regulatory incubator Sturgeon Ventures LLP has established three of its fund manager clients in Malta. Seonaid M

Created : 14-11-2012 09:08:14
  Malta’s Economic Success highlighted by EU Commission President Barroso   Dr Jonathan Pisani     October 5th 2012 witnessed an epic reunion on the Maltese islands as Malta hosted the first Europe-Arab summit in a decade, the European-Arab 5+5 Summit. Terrorism, lawlessness, immigration and the European debt crisis were the major topics of discussi

Created : 14-11-2012 09:06:26
  CSB Group and CSB Advocates have recently embarked on a Blood Donation initiative aimed at supporting on-going appeals from the National Blood Transfusion Services in Malta, as part of the group’s awareness of its social responsibilities.   The initiative led employees at the Tower Business Centre in Swatar to visit the Blood Bank Unit parked outside the building t

Created : 14-11-2012 09:05:17
In the next couple of years, this project endeavours to change the St. Julians we currently know forever, transforming a previously neglected site into a multifunctional commercial hub with a strong focus on financial services. We speak to Edward Bencini, the main architect behind this multifaceted development.   Our architectural and civil engineering firm was invited by a consort