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Charity Dinner

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Malta - Land of opportunity for French 
Free seminar at the Embassy of Malta in France - 14 & 15 Novemb re, 2012
Do you know all the advantages offered by Malta to the French companies and the French?
Hundreds of French have different programs and financial incentives offered by the island of Malta to its nationals.
Frank Salt Real Estate and EMD law firm, in association with the Embassy of Malta in France, organized a series of seminars to highlight that Malta can offer in terms of financial, real estate and investments. Listening to French nationals wishing to invest or from abroad for personal or business reasons, the seminars will focus on the various tax measures being proposed, including the regime "Individuals at High Heritage" and the very recent "Retirement Residence Program." Finance professionals and law are also invited to attend the seminars.
The seminars will be held at the Embassy of Malta in France and will be presented, among others, by the Ambassador of Malta in France, Pierre Clive Agius SE. The representative in France of Frank Salt Real Estate, Astrid Lubin Tailly also participate.
Seminar Dates: 14 & 15 November at 8.30 or 18.00 pm 
Venue: Embassy of Malta, 23 rue d'Artois (2nd floor), 75008 Paris 
The seminars are free but places are limited. 
Duration: 45-60 minutes champagne followed by a snack and refreshments.
Escape the dark Parisian sky and the sun shimmering landscapes of Malta is an attractive prospect in the current climate, and economic. Add to that the promise of strong economic growth and a certain quality of life, and the idea of ??investment starts to look very appealing.
Member of the European Union since 2004 and has integrated the Euro in January 2008, unlike other states, the Republic of Malta has survived unscathed the past five years. The recent growth of the residential real estate market reflects a prudent policy in all areas of economic activity: a requirement for quality real estate programs with high added value. Indeed, rental yields are on average 5% per year against an index of Annual Average Price of Property 6.9% annual increase over the past decade (figures published by the Central Bank of Malta).
With a wide variety of properties for sale or rent, tax incentives and attractive housing programs for individuals and companies looking to invest abroad or to establish new offices, Malta is an ideal option - be the best-kept jewel of the Mediterranean - and yet full of opportunities.